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I can’t believe it!I finally found what I’ve been searching for!I’ve suffered bad breaths for years and I’ve spend alot on buying overseas product that claim that it will instanstly clear bad breath but I hope that I can sue that company for guarantee things that doesn’t work. When I saw the special offer on Yazoom, I was reluctant to buy it but it’s like that someone is whispering on my ears to buy it. I bought it and on that first afternoon, I was so amazed! on how my mouth feels really clean and fresh!!! I bought the powder and the mouthwash and it both work amazingly on cleaning my bad breath instantly. I’m still amaze at this super amazing NZ product.

I can’t find enough words to explain here how much I want to thank you for this extra amazing product that works instantly! Now I’m very confident with myself to talk with friends and my life is going back to normal now. Before my social life was dooming down due to my bad breath, coz I can see my friends when I talk to them they will try to move a little distance away but now I feel more confident than before. I can hang around with my friends and family again.

Thank you so so much for this fantastic super amazing product! and I name my little powder pot as “my pot of GOLD”…..endless thank you…

Over-excitement customer Florence


“I have always suffered from bad breath and used to wake up in the morning with a foul odour and taste in my mouth. I have tried everything over the years and in the end I just gave up as nothing made any improvement. I brushed my teeth regularly and scrubbed my tongue religiously but to no avail. PREFRESH sorted out my lifelong problem in just 4 days and now my breath is clear all day. I recommend this product even if you don”t have bad breath!” Bob Mt Wellington Auckland.


For many years I have suffered from a foul breath and spent huge $$$ on dental treatment and mouth washes etc. At last I have found a system that really DOES work and is very low cost. My work mate has ordered a kit of PREFRESH as he has even noticed the difference. It truly is an amazing product and I recommend it to everyone. Thanks Meghan– I feel I have a new lease on life.IP: .”

John Bayliss, Wellington NZ.


I can”t believe how great this product is. Not only does it get rid of bad breath (which I have had for years) but it also feels like your mouth is really clean after you use it. I can”t get over the change in the feel of my mouth. Brilliant product.

Ingrid West Auckland.


As a sales executive I am always meeting new people and dealing face to face. I used to dread making afternoon meetings with clients as this was when my breath was the strongest. I was a bit sceptical at first of this product but I am now a fan and use it daily. It has certainly given me the confidence particularly in business meetings to focus on the topic and forget about having to keep my distance all the time. Anthony Brisbane QLD.


Today is the first day in I can’t even remember how many years that I have brushed my teeth without the gums bleeding.
I didn’t expect things would have improved this much having just used the tooth powder for 6 days, and only having had my clean/scaling yesterday.

I feel fantastic, so thanks so much – I definitely got much more out of the powder  than I was expecting.  The difference you have made is amazing.

I look forward to showing off my choppers at my appointment

Kind regards   Kerri.


“My dentist looked at the ingredients and said that anything like this that improves the pH of the mouth is really good for the teeth, I guess because it helps prevent decay (and bad breath). It’s clear, also, that the teeth look and feel cleaner. This is a product to recommend, my son now swears by it.”

Cheers, Sam


Thanks Meghan, for introducing the tooth powder to me. I use it every day
It give me that clean, fresh, smooth feel on my teeth when I run my tongue around, just like when I walk out of my hygienist appointment. Very easy to use with toothpaste.

Cheers Dee