How do I know I have bad breath?

How do I know I have bad breath:

Easy tips here:

See for yourself if your breath is offensive!

It is impossible to smell your own breath by cupping your hand up to your nose and smelling.
Your body is designed in such a manner, that you cannot detect your own odour using this method. There are professional means such as a machine to read the sulphur levels on your tongue but generally the proceedures listed below are enough to give you an idea.

1. Scrape your tongue gently with the back of a spoon gently and wipe onto a clean white piece of cotton or cotton wool buds and smell it.  If the white cotton has some yellow on it this means your sulphur levels are high and you will definitely have bad breath.

2. The old tried and tested method is to lick the back of your hand, leave it for about 5 seconds and then smell it.  If you notice an odour, you generally will have a bad breath

2. Run a piece of dental floss between your back teeth (especially where you may get food caught) and then smell the floss. That gives you a good indication of what odours are coming out of your mouth.

4. Stand in front of the mirror and stick your tongue out as far as possible. If you notice that the very back of your tongue is whitish, it may be a sign that you have bad breath.

5. Ask the opinion of someone you can trust. Ask them to check your breath several times particularly at danger times such as 2-4pm. Certain foods can produce a strong breath such as alcohol. sugary products like juices, sweets, cheese, proteins and so on.

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