How to cure bad breath

I was told many years ago that the only thing you could say you can cure without getting into trouble is a ham. ๐Ÿ™‚


In reality bad breath is not a disease or an illness but rather an on-going issue for most humans as they age (or not look after themselves) and therefore to make a claim that one can cure bad breath is very misleading.


I could cure bad breath for somebody and then in turn they could stop brushing their teeth, start eating bad food and then they would be back to square one again in a few months time as the plaque and bacteria build again


So to “cure’ bad breath one needs to keep up the preventative maintenance and this is where Prefresh is excellent.


Not only does Prefresh instantly remove bad breath odour when applied but it also removes plaque and bacteria so this in turn prevents bad breath from forming and is a maintenance programme for your teeth.


This is the bad breath product that we recommend you buy and one kit will last you up to 2 months which is less than a $1 per day


Consdiering the costs of dentists and hygienists if you do not look after your teeth this is a small amount to pay to ensure your next visit to the dentists is a trouble free one.


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