Is Prefresh Safe?

Is Prefresh Bad Breath Treatment product safe ?

Yes it is very safe . While we were looking for a base formulation to use in our product we discovered the  bacteria elimination systems being used in America for halitosis and bad breath using oxygen therapy

The base ingredients used for making our bad breath treatment product are 100% safe if used as directed. They are based on a natural process already used by the body to reduce bacteria counts. The technique is regarded as a scientific break through by many in the industry and is used widely by professionals.

The ingredients are approved by FDA and CODEX as  safe for humans and are used widely in the USA currently in bad breath mouthwashes and gels.

“PREFRESH changed my life overnight, and I could not believe the results and more importantly nor could my friends and family”

PREFRESH uses the power of oxygen to remove odour producing bacteria from the mouth which in turns eliminates bad breath instantly

PREFRESH is not residual and contains no toxic nasty chemicals. It is gentle on the mouth and designed to eliminate odour, and bacteria instantly and efficiently giving you a simple proven system for the treating of the problem of bad breath.

It is so good you will get up to 8 hours of clear breath after each application if used in conjunction with the PREFRESH tooth cleaner.

Also, tooth mousse has always been a very healthy treatment not just for your teeth, but gums as well. You basically apply it to your teeth and gum like normal cream, which tastes extremely nice with different colour range and flavours to choose from, it moisturize your teeth and gives it extra protection.

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Whats in it?

PREFRESH Tooth Cleaner is 100% natural and contains Sodium Chloride (for whitening), natural peppermint oil for a pleasant flavour, and Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (the later is found in mineral springs) for neutralising acids and removing plaque. PREFRESH Tooth Cleaner (Click here to view our related products) is the most efficient tooth cleaning system and  can be used with toothpaste if desired.

PREFRESH Mouthwash contains a proprietory blend of gentle bacteria eliminating oxidisers combined with 100% natural soothing peppermint oil designed to eliminate odour and bacteria instantly. It is subtle to use and very gentle on the mouth yet highly effective, together the products form a dynamic combination and this is why we can offer you a 100% satisfaction warranty.

If you are not satisfied with the product or the results I will refund you in full for the cost of the product.